The Margaret’s Summer
The town of Bakar
Meet Bakar
Bicycle Routes "Bakar bike"
The Francopan Castle
Naval Battle
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The Margaret’s Summer
The town of Bakar
Meet Bakar
Bicycle Routes
The Francopan Castle
Naval Battle
Did you know?
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BAKAR - history for the present

The narrow streets and squares are layers of history left behind to paint this moment that belongs only to you.

Bakar, 13 kilometres from Rijeka, is one of the oldest towns in the northern Adriatic and was granted the status of royal town by Maria Theresa in 1779. It was built like an amphitheatre on a hill and its historical nucleus was declared a cultural monument in 1968.

Few know that the very peak of Risnjak and part of the Risnjak National Park, a true pleasure for all nature, recreation and adrenaline lovers, are located within the territory of the town of Bakar.

Bakar and Hreljin are also signatories of the Vinodol Law, the oldest fully preserved monument to customs law in the Croatian language dating from the 13th century.

You will remember Bakar by its flavours as well - the famous sparkling wine “Bakarska vodica” made from a specific Beline vine grown on stone walls built by diligent farmer’s hands - dry stone walls, recently declared an ethno zone and entered in the cultural register. Another famous product is the Bakar “baškot”, a toasted or fresh baked product shaped in a circle that was taken on longer fishing trips.

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  • • Tourist office was opened on August 17, 2009.

    • Pursuant to new regulations on classification of resorts in tourist categories, Bakar was listed in tourist class A, Hreljin and Kukuljanovo in
    tourist class C and other settlements in tourist class D.

    • The magazine Meridijani published an article about Bakar under the title: Bakar – a Forgotten Frankopan City.

  • • Adaptations of the old statute were made pursuant to the Act on Tourist Boards and Promotion of Croatian Tourism (Official Gazette 152/08). A proposal of the new Statute of the Tourist Board of the City of Bakar was draw pursuant to guidelines of the Ministry of Tourism. The Statute was adopted at the Founding Assembly held on April 13, 2010.

    • We became members of Croatian Carnival Association.

    • A tender for the creation of a logo of the Tourist Board was carried out and won by Ivona Miloš.

    • An article about Bakar was published in the magazine of the Croatian Auto Club (HAK) under the title: Black and White Are Colors Again – Bakar Turns to Tourism Again.

    • A web site of Tourist Board of the City of Bakar was created.

    • A Facebook profile of Tourist Board of the City of Bakar was made.

    • A TV-programme about Bakar was shot – “Let’s go to the sea, let’s go to Bakar!”

    • The first “Naval battle” took place in Bakar

  • • The company Futura Trade d.o.o. from Lovran made the project of brown tourist signs for all our locations where information boards were erected.

    • A tender for the best original souvenir of the City of Bakar was carried out and there was an exhibition of souvenirs in the Church of St. Margaret. The Turkish house won the first prize, the “Baškot of Bakar” (a type of rusk or hardtack) the second, and the “Woman worker from Praputnjak” the third.

    • A brochure of Tourist Board of the City of Bakar was composed and published in Croatian, English, German and Italian.

    • On February 19, “Bells and Music for Bakar Region”, a festival of Bellmen was held for the first time. The bell ringers rang their bells in Kukuljanovo, Škrljevo, Krasica and Bakar.

    • A project of the walking path from Čopovsko to the castle of Hreljin was made. In cooperation with the City of Bakar benches and trash bins were installed along the path as well as information boards. A brochure, that is, a flyer in four languages was written, offering information about the walking path “To the Castle” (Put Gradine).

    • A new visual identity for the event “Margaret’s Summer” was created to brand the event and make it more recognizable.

  • • Adria Guide and Rijeka Surroundings mobile application (with 30 points for Bakar) was made.

    • The most prominent Slovenian magazine Delo published an article about Bakar in the A2 format.

    • A TV programme, “An Untold Story”, was made about Bakar.

    • Together with the Municipality of Viškovo and Kostrena we hosted the annual Assembly of Croatian Carnival Association

    • State championship in shooting was held in the Maritime School Bakar.

    • Croatian National Tourist Board gave a prize to Branka Milojević, resident of Bakar, for the most beautifully decorated balcony in Croatia.

    • A new event Sweet-tooth party was created and took place in Kukuljanovo as part of the Frančiškova (St. Francis) celebration on October 6.

    • The project “Bakar bike” was carried out and 9 circular bike paths with over 160 kilometers in length were arranged. The brochure “Bakar bike” was published in 4 languages, too.

  • • A new website of the Tourist Board Bakar was made and a new visual identity was created.

    • A cycling map of the City of Bakar was published in 4 languages.

    • Cycling paths were opened at a ceremony and the first Bakar bicycle race, “Bakar bike” took place on July 6.

    • Over 12.000 visitors attended the “Naval battle” in Bakar.

    • The first private accommodation landlords were registered in the City of Bakar area

    • Virtual tours of attractive locations in form of 3D images were made for the website and corresponding articles in English were published in “My Destination – Croatia”.

    • A report about Bakar was made and shown in the TV programme “Labirint” on HTV 1 (Croatian National Television).

    • An article about cycling paths of the City of Bakar and “Bakarska vodica” (the sparkling wine) was published in Tiptravel magazine.

    • In 2013 two major awards were received: the Mountain lodge Risnjak received an award for the best lodge in 2013

    • PZ Dolčina received a confirmation issued by the Paying Agency for Agriculture that the sparkling wine of Bakar, “Bakarska vodica”.

  • • A brochure containing both the cycling map of transversal slopes and corresponding cycling paths in Rijeka surroundings was published.

    • Mobile application “Bike Rijeka” was created.

    • The II. Constituent Assembly was held and new members of the Assembly, the Tourist Council and the Supervisory Board were elected.

    • Information boards were erected near the cultural and historical sights in Bakaru

    • The event “A Walk through History” was organized for the first time.

    • The event Margaret’s Summer had a humanitarian character and the entire amount collected in ticket sales was donated to the flood-affected areas in Slavonia.

    • We participated in the quality assessment project “Mystery Guest” in August.

    • Educational training program for private accommodation landlords

    •Open Door Days of private accommodation facilities were held in our surroundings on November 15.

  • • A brochure "Did You Know ..." was published.

    • A special edition in Novi list on "Margaret's summer" was published.

    • Tourist Board Bakar created a new Web site and supplemented it with new contents

    • Mobile Application Bike Rijeka won 2nd prize in Prague at 12th International Cartographic Festival Tourmap 2015

    • Cooperation with the student organization "AIESEC" from Rijeka and participation in their project "Discover Kvarner"was realized

    • An education for private renters was held in cooperation with the President of the Community of Family Accommodation at HGK (Croatian Chamber of Commerce) Nedo Pinezić, as well as a training for new guest registration program "eVisitor"

  • • A brochure "Rijeka Ring" was published in English, German, and Russian language.

    • A brochure "Did you know?" was printed in English, German and Italian.

    • A new eVistor system was introduced to check in / out guests.

    • A renewed Culture House "Matija Mažić" was opened in Bakar.

    • A television broadcast on Bakar "Planet Croatia" was taken.

    • Gastro portal on Bakar was realized.

    • An article and photos about Bakar on RTL portal was published (catacombs, church, dry stone terraces).

    • An article on 2 pages was published in "Novi List" regarding family accommodation increase in Bakar.

    • Tourist Board participated in Croatian Ball in Slovenia, Lendava, representing the town of Bakar, a tourist and gastronomic offer of our region.

    • A fitness park in Kukuljanovo was opened.

    • Tourists Boards published an expanded brochure "Bike Rijeka" including cycling trails and "Rijeka ring" transversal.

    • Tourist Boards published "Rijeka trails" brochure with "Rijeka ring" tracks and walking trails

    • A new brochure "Što danas?" about events in "Rijeka Ring" was published

    • The town of Bakar received a complimentary degree as a TOP destination and the most influential world's tourist panoramic television installed Skyline Web Cams TV on DVD (Volunteer Fire Department) building in Bakar

  • • Bakar Tourist Board Office was renewed and expanded

    • "Rijeka ring", the first two-day bicycle tour was held

    • The new manifestation "Bakar hike – uspon na Risnjak" / Bakar hike-Risnjak climbing /

    • The new manifestation "Klapa, more i naše ča" / Harmony-singing group, the sea and our "cha"/

    • We reached the number of 300 beds in private accommodation

    • At the Maritime Battle in Bakar, we reached the number of 15,000 visitors

    • A new souvenir of the town of Bakar was designed

    • A promo tourist film about Bakar was released /directed "Polska na vikend" synchronized in Croatian language

    • Air photography of Bakar, Risnjak, Bakar dry stone terraces and the Fort of Hreljin was made

    • An article on 6 pages was published in the Slovenian magazine "Navtika"

    • An article about Bakar and Tourist Board of Bakar was published in "Ugostiteljstvo i turizam" / "Gastronomy and Tourism" / journal

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