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Did you know?

Bakar was the center of tuna fishing

Bakar was always known as maritime, trading and fishing center of Croatian North Coast. One of the important branches of econommy for sure was tuna fishing. The most important and throughout the centuries the most lucrative group of tuna fishing nets on the Adriatic, was exactly in the Bay of Bakar.  Of the 62 localities on the coast of Adriatic, during the last 600 years tuna fishing nets were formed predominantly with observation platforms with ladders. The last active fishing net was „Bakarac“ in the Bay of Bakar, till the second half of the 20the century. Princes Zrinski and Frankopans were, from the 16th century and probably earlier, owners of numerous tuna fishing nets in the Croatian coast, and it is known that they also had two tuna boats in the bay of Bakar.  Let us count tuna observation stations in the Bay of Bakar: „Pod Steni“, in front of St. Margareta Church; Mandrać; Grohotini; under the tip of Gradac;  under Kijac; tuner „Prva“, „Srednja“ and „Kavranić“, also tuner „Sršćica“ on the entrance of Bay of Bakar. Unfortunately, today there are no tuna observation stations anymore, the only evidences are old photographs.