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Did you know?

There is a Turkish house in Bakar and some legends are connected with its origin

The best known legend about the Turkish house tells that it was built by the seaman who fell in love with a pretty Turkish girl,  who also fell in love with him. He brought her to Bakar and after a while continued sailing. She felt so lonely that she started to miss her home. To  remedy her nostalgia, the seaman decided to build their house exactly the same as her birthplace, and that's how Turkish house was built.

Another legend says that a seaman from Bakar had sarcastic and nasty wife who blamed him for everything and used to say that she held three angles of the house and he only one, in order to show that she is the commander in their house. After years, the seaman got tired of listening to these provocations and invited his friends to help him tear the house down and build it again, in the same place, but without corners.a