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Did you know?

There is a legend about Turks and a crown from the Church of Our Lady of Port

The legend says that a group of Turks one night entered the church in the valley of Bakar and stole the gilded silver crown from the statue of Our Lady. After that, they headed toward Krasica, but were stopped by a supernatural force and couldn’t go forward until they left the crown on a thorny bush. When the theft was discovered, people of Bakar looked for it all around and when it was found, they returned it to the statue of Our Lady.  The next century the crown was sold and money was used to repair the damaged church. Its trace was saved on the box with inscription:  Corona B.V.M. argentea deaurata, quae has portes olim Turcis depradesdantibus ablata ab iisdem non nisi ipsa restituta, recessum habuere (the crown B1. Of Our Lady, silver, plated, was taken by Turks during a robbery in  this region, and only after having it returned, they could retreat).