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Geographical location

Geographic location and natural features

Situated at the bottom of a rocky bay named the Bakar Bay, about 10 kilometres east from  Rijeka, the town of Bakar is located on the northern Adriatic coast and is a part of the Croatian shoreline which stretches from Senj to Rijeka.  Bakar and the Bakar Bay is a place where the Mediterranean Sea penetrates most deeply into the European land and is the closest to the continental part of the Central Europe. Due to that fact, Bakar is only a few hours away by car from Austria, South Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc. or just an hour from Italy or Slovenia.

The geographical position of Bakar is very favorable even within Croatia, as it is situated close to the Istrian Peninsula, the Kvarner islands, and Croatia’s in land and mountain regions such as Gorski Kotar and Lika. Likewise, the continental part of the country with the capital of Zagreb and Dalmatia are within easy reach due to new, modern highways.

The Bakar Bay is an interesting, natural creation of tectonic forces and geologists believe that the Bay is a sunken part of the Kraška Valley created by faulting, spreading parallel to the coast from Trsat through Draga to Novi Vinodolski. This distinctive bay of the Adriatic Sea is about 4 and a half kilometres in length, 600 to 700 meters wide, and up to 40 meters deep. Bakar and the bay are surrounded by the hills reaching up to 300 meters in height, sloping down to the sea. The entire area is rich in sources of fresh water and has a mild Mediterranean climate (Sub-Mediterranean). The flora is very diverse, mostly composed of deciduous trees and low vegetation. Here is where many sorts of fruit and vegetables grow as well.