Bakar Tourist Board
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The town of Bakar

We welcome you to Bakar, one of the oldest towns on the northern Adriatic with a long and rich history. The area of Bakar town stretches from the Bakar Bay to the peak of Risnjak Mountain occupying about 12,560 hectares and encompassing seven small towns: Bakar, Hreljin, Krasica, Kukuljanovo, Praputnjak, Škrljevo and Zlobin. Bakar, the ancient town and a port, a place where the Mediterranean Sea penetrated most deeply into the European land, looks like a pearl clasped by arms of the deep bay, 4.5 km long, 600 to 700 m wide and 40 m deep. The town is built in an amphitheatric form on a hill. In 1968 its old city centre was proclaimed a monument of culture.

The area of the town of Bakar was inhabited as early as in the 3rd and the 2nd millennium before Christ. The Roman Empire and Croatian noble families of Frankopan and Zrinski left profound imprints. In 1779 the empress Maria Theresa awarded Bakar the status of a free town. It is important to note that the representatives of the Town of Bakar were among those who supported the famous Vinodol Code from 1288 where the name of Bakar was mentioned for the first time. A rich history has left an important cultural heritage which is reflected in the Bakar Citadel, Castle of Hreljin, St. Andrew’s Church (the third largest in Croatia), Roman and Turkish houses, Bakar ‘s dry stone walls and many other cultural and historical sights and peculiarities.
Of numerous Bakar’s peculiarities, the famous Bakarska Vodica Grand Cuvée (sparkling wine) and Bakar’s biscuit are to be singled out. The world-wide famous sparkling wine Bakarska vodica originates from the Belina grape, which used to be cultivated in the Bakar region. The dry stone walls were built during the 18th century and abandoned in the ‘50s of the 20th century. In 1972 the dry stone walls were proclaimed ethno zone and included in the Registry of cultural monuments.

The famous Bakar’s biscuit is a typical fresh or roasted bread product made in a form of a ring, which sailors used to take on long fishing trips instead of fresh bread. It is eaten by dipping it into wine. Our town is particularly distinguished by its narrow streets and squares, which will tell you a fascinating story about the history gone with the wind. Even the glance at the Bakar’s sea, will create an image of people who used to sail and trade here once: Illyrians, Celts, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians and Croats who came here and settled down in the 7th century.

Do not hesitate, visit the town of Bakar and all of our towns, discover its rich history and heritage, and with that enrich yourself for the future. We hope that your stay in our town will be pleasant and that the power of its glorious past will impress you and bring you back again…