Bakar Tourist Board
Hrvatski English Ente turistico della citta di Bakar - Citta di Bakar Tourismusverband Der Stadt Bakar - German

On the 25th of June, 1894, Bakar was illuminated with the electric lights for the first time, right after Varaždin, while the neighboring Rijeka didn’t get light from the new energy for another year.  That day, Bakar was illuminated through a dynamo engine which was provided by water drive from the Jaz wellspring.  The power plant in “Malenica” was renovated in 1921, and in 1936, and Bakar was connected to the land network.  It is interesting to mention that in 1894, Nikola Tesla suggested the people of Zagreb to use electric power, which shows how the citizens of Bakar and its representatives were on a high level of cultural development, recognizing improvements and accepting new qualitative ideas.  In that year, Bakar was also connected to Rijeka with a telephone line.