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Next to Jaz is Perilo, a cultural and historical monument which stands as a silent witness and keeps many stories from Bakar’s history. Perilo was a site for washing clothing, but also a place where the latest mishaps in the city were retold. It was so popular that many Bakar’s families still preserve with care some items used once for laundry ( a bucket, a washtub, a pot, a washboard, etc).Laundry was done at home, hand washable on  wooden washboard, and a domestic soap was used for washing .Then, the laundry was placed into the bucket and carried to town’s winding streets to Perilo where it was rinsed. An ad was very common on town’s squares saying: “It is forbidden to do laundry in Perilo using washboards” just because the noise when washing bothered Bakar’s gentlemen in their afternoon sleep. There are a lot of old postcards bearing witness where one can see the upgrade and update of Perilo through the years. Perilo was last updated in 2014.