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Naval Battle

As part of “Margaretino leto” (Margaret’s Summer) a spectacular “Naval Battle” takes place and is held to celebrate the Day of Bakar on a Saturday closest to July 13. This event is a reconstruction of a historical naval attack, when the Venetians tried to conquer Bakar in 1616 for the last time. With the help of old sailing ships and special effects, this battle comes to life in order to illustrate at least a part of the atmosphere from the aforementioned battle and offer the visitors an unforgettable audio-visual experience. In the evening, at about 22:00 h, a real battle takes place in the Bakar Bay and is accompanied with genuine cannon shots and spectacular fireworks. This faithful reconstruction of authentic events is a unique historical event in this area. So, if you want to feel the spirit of the past come alive in the old ancient town, visit Bakar on that day. You will certainly not regret it…