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Other events

Within the Bakar area, during the entire year numerous manifestations are organized.  The most known one is “Margaretino Leto” (Margaret’s Summer), and among all there are various carnival events, regattas, gastro manifestations, and festivities related to celebrations of Town’s days as a part of the Bakar Town- Jožehova  in Praputnjak 19th March, Jurjevo in Hreljin 23rd April, Antonjica in Kukuljanovo 13th June, Srce Isusovo in Škrljevo 15th June, Ivanje in Zlobin 24th June, Margaretino – Bakar Town 13th July, Mother Mary of Karmel in Krasica 16th July, Frančiškova in Kukuljanovo 4th October, and Andrejna in Bakar on 30th November.

Each year, from the middle of June till the beginning of August, Bakar and Bakar Touristic Office organize traditional Margaret’s Summer.  As a part of Margaret’s Summer many cultural, sporting and fun manifestations are organized such as festivals, exhibitions, concerts, theatrical plays, etc, as well as popular „ Bakar’s Encounters,“ games in which teams compete in various areas of strength and agility.

During the carnival, each year masquerade rally is organized called Pariz-Bakar.  It is a parody on the well-known world’s rally Paris-Dakar.  The race is driven by masked motorized participants from within the country and from abroad, and each year the number of participants is increasing. Without a doubt, a rich carnival tradition of Bakar’s area should be mentioned, which is cultivated yearly with inevitable masquerades, a parade of bellmen, retirees masquerade, and traditional burning of a mascot, but always with noticeable participation of our town’s masked groups at Rijeka’s carnival.

In May, in Aquarius of the Bakar’s Bay a traditional rowing regatta of Maritime High School of Bakar is kept.  With regards to teams’ participation from local maritime schools and universities from five countries, this competition is of an international character and each year the number of participants is increasing.

With the respect to the Days of Bakar Town, on Margareta, 13th of July, or actually on the closest Saturday to the date, Margareta’s fair is organized and a parade of the Croatian army historical command from the entire Croatia and abroad. On that day, a spectacular „Maritime battle“is also held, which demonstrates the last, unsuccessful attack of Venetians on Bakar (in the far year of 1616). In this battle reconstruction, old sailing ships (Klementa, Sakuhai, and Old Ive) loaded with pyrotechnical materials attack Bakar, and members of historical command units that defend town.  With firing of sail boats, and guns, cannons and holsters from the coast, firing torches, water bombs, and smoking effects, originality of experiencing a real maritime battle is guaranteed.

At the end of September, in Škrljevo “Gulašijada” (Stew Cooking) is held in which teams compete in the stew cooking contest. After announcement of the winning team in the Cultural Centre, the people’s party is held with degustation of sweets.  In December, manifestation “Christmas in Bakar” is kept along with appropriate holiday program, and the end of the year is celebrated with the Christmas fair and collective tree decorating with cooked wine and mingling.