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The Margaret’s Summer


The Margaret’s Summer is a cultural and entertaining event that takes place each year in Bakar during the period from 20th June until 5th August. Its concept and programme is diverse and interesting enough to attract numerous visitors and satisfy the tastes of different generations and cultural profiles. Our Margaret’s Summer is a bond of ancient traditions and new trends which guarantees experience of the spirit of ancient times in Bakar mixed with the new vibrations of the younger generations with excellent entertainment. The Tourist Board and the Town of Bakar invite you to celebrate the Margaret’s Summer and to take part in its rich programme. Enjoy the concerts, shows, sporting competitions, exhibitions and numerous events. Do not miss: BIS Fest (Festival), Margaret’s Fair, the Historical formations’ parade, the Sea battle, the magnificent fireworks and numerous other exciting events…


(Takes place to celebrate the Town of Bakar’s Feast Day and is always on a Saturday closest to 13th July) A magnificent “Naval battle” takes place within the Margaret’s Summer. It is a reconstruction of one of the historical sea battles from 1616 when the Venetians tried to conquer Bakar for the last time. The above mentioned attack is reanimated with the help of old sailing boats and special pyrotechnic effects. In this way, we try to evoke at least a part of the atmosphere from the battle and offer an unforgettable audio-visual experience. In the evening hours around 10:00 pm, a real battle takes place in the Bakar Bay spiced up with real shots from cannons and large fireworks. This convincing reconstruction of the authentic events is a unique historical spectacle in this area. So, if you wish to feel the reanimated spirit of the past in this ancient town, visit Bakar, you will not regret it…


The Margaret’s Fair is a fair of authentic food, beverages, gastronomic delicacies, and original souvenirs, where the old customs are presented as well. It has been taking place for several years now as a part of the Margaret’s Summer events to celebrate the Town of Bakar’s Day. Numerous associations and craftsmen from the Bakar’s town area, Primorsko-Goranska County and various parts of Croatia take part in the fair.