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Shooting range


Flying targrt archery (clay pigeons) has been practiced as an organized activity since the beginning of the last century. With the invention of modern flying targets, the three major forms of archery (TRAP, STEAM TRAP and SKEET) have developed and have become Olympic sports.
Some hunters, members of hunting sports clubs from Rijeka, Crikvenica and Opatija who  practice archery of flying targets, decided to build a new archery in Kukuljanovo near the old one with 15 catapults, and all accompanying facilities as required by the Croatian Archery Federation and ISSF (International Association for Archery). The new shooting range was built on the Vojsko Hill, above Kukuljanovo and was opened to public in 1997.  The Vojsko Archery is an ideal place for the ones who want to try out flying target archary.

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