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The walking paths

Promenade along Potok

The most recognizable face of Bakar is the one seen from the sea, but if you take the Promenade along Potok you will see it from another angle. A short but very pleasant promenade starts above  Bakar House of Culture and through the green surroundings of Bakar leads you to the old town. Just a few steps from the sea, it gives you the enjoyment of the greenery, chirping of birds and their colorful homes made by Bakar kindergarten children. The special feature of the promenade is the beautiful view which extends to the side part of  Frankopan castle. If you want to take a break, you will find a table and benches ideal for a picnic. The promenade ends at the top of the old town of Bakar whose quiet streets will take you back to the sea.

Promenade length: 500 m

Promenade Put gradine

This promenade takes you to the mysterious ruins of the old medieval town of Hreljin, where you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the sea, Kvarner islands and Bakar itself. Located on a high steep cliff in the westernmost part of Vinodol, the old town of Hreljin is a magical crossroads of historical and natural heritage. The promenade "Put Gradine" is about 1,600 m long, easy to medium for walking, and it takes 20 minutes  to reach the finish line. The beginning of the promenade is located at an altitude of about 300 m in Hreljin, and leads you through the greenery of the forest where one can enjoy a well-preserved pond and a water reservoir about ten meters in diameter, in the past used to feed livestock.

The promenade ends at the top of a cliff where the remains of old Hreljin are located 321 meters above sea level. In addition to the spectacular view, there is a restored chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary (St.Mary of the Snows), which was built in 1699. The most important part of this unforgettable view is a  proud bell tower of The Church of St. George with the remains of that magnificent church.
Length of the promenade: 1.6 km

Ponikve educational trail

While exploring Bakar hinterland do not miss to visit a natural phenomenon called Ponikve and explore its amazing diversity following the 8.5 km long educational trail. Thanks to the rare karst phenomenon of the periodic emerging and disappearing lake, this promenade can really surprise you with its landscape.

Sometimes you will come across a quiet green valley with more than 600 plants  including a unique endemic yellow-flowered Genista holopetala (Koch). In spring or during heavy rains, you will be greeted by submerged forest world and a lake where one can experience a unique diving  among submerged trees, hunting lodges and paths. On the surrounding hills with an unforgettable view  you will find traces of the past, almost 3000 year old forts. It is a home to many animals, especially butterflies, but keep in mind that Ponikve is a  home to three predators; bear, lynx and wolf, and we urge you to be careful for it is also a home to various snakes.

The entire length of the trail involves about 3 hours of easy walking in appropriate footwear, but the walk to the Fort,  located 350 m above Ponikvar valley, is somewhat more demanding. The educational trail has two directions or two starting points; one from the direction of Kukuljanovo, the other from Ponikve village. As a part of the project, a leaflet with a map was printed, which can be found in Tourist Bord of Bakar office.
Length of the promenade: 8.5 km