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Bakar’s Baškot

Baškot is a typical double toasted or a fresh bread product (type of a bun) in a shape of a ring brought to Bakar by fishermen from Chioggia.  Once, the fishermen carried them instead of the bread to longer fishing trips, and they were also unavoidable in ship’s kitchen where they would hang from a rope.  Baškoti could last up to six months due to their dryness, and were also convenient to have as a part of diet on other travels. They were often eaten with all liquids available on the ship (wine, tea, water), although baškot was traditionally dipped into red wine.  Baškot’s quality was determined by dropping it from a certain height to see if it would break.  Baškot that broke in the most pieces was better.

Each baškot is not perfectly shaped because men make them, not a machine, but from the same reason is perfect and unchangeable in taste. They were produced with love and touch of warmth to provide taste enjoyment.  Today it has become the protective sign of Bakar, and it had been chosen as an official souvenir of Bakar.  Our Bakar’s baškot had always been consumed with joy, and even today it is very popular among all generations that gladly come to well-known bakery “Bakarski baškot” that daily produces soft and hard Bakar’s baškot.

The story of Bakar’s baškot connects to the life of seamen which is as “Bread with seven layers.” Once, it was taken instead of the bread to longer fishermen trips, traditionally is dipped into red wine or coffee with milk.  Today, baškot is one of the symbols and souvenirs of the town of Bakar.