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Bakar’s drystone walls

Wine-growing and wine production were the main sources of livelihood for many generations of people of this littoral region. The people of Bakar were inventive and persistent and thought of how to overcome the lack of soil. They built drystone walls of limestone and filled the space between the walls with fertile soil. In such way they obtained terrain beneficial for cultivating grapes. The soil of the Bakar’s drystone walls gave the world-wide famous sparkling wine Bakarska vodica.

Terraces formed by drystone walls can be found all along the Adriatic coast and on the islands, but they are nowhere as impressive as in Bakar. Here they occupy such a vast and unique area covering the entire northern coast of the Bakar bay. It is not surprising that in 1972 the drystone walls of Bakar were proclaimed monument of culture and included in the Registry of cultural monuments.