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Naturally sparkling wine

“Bakarska vodica” – naturally sparkling wine

Bakar’s walls were created from the end of the 18th century up until the 20th century with hard work and sweat of our ancestors, people of Praputnjak. On the anthropogenic ground, separating rock walls meter by meter, bringing dirt in baskets on their back, the grape vine called Belina was planted and cultivated from autochthonous cultivar.  With the Belina grape refinement, Bakar’s wine defined in the Wine Law from 1929, was consumed at Brioni and the British Court.  After more than half of a century of carelessness, PZ (Agricultural Community) “Dolčina” Praputnjak in the year of 2002 begun with the renewal of Bakar’s walls by planting and cultivating of previously mentioned vine kind.  The aim is that the climate’s benefits-abundance of the sun and proximity to the sea-unify with the work of people in order to achieve excellence and peculiar bouquet of the sparkling wine.  To our young and upcoming generations, that is a pledge for entrance into European and the world’s cultural heritage, continuing with honouring the tradition of their grandfathers.