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The Francopan Castle

The most famous and the most attractive structure in Bakar is certainly the medieval citadel Kaštel. This magnificent and impressive structure has maintained its authentic appearance dating from the 18th century, but its roots grow much deeper in the past.
The architecture of Citadel as we know it today stems from the beginning of the 16th century, when this Frankopan’s fortress was additionally reinforced, faced with the danger of the Turkish invasions. This is also witnessed in a Glagolitic inscription engraved in the upper part of the stone door frame dating from 1530.

As documented in the Vinodol Code of 1288, the fortress or a town protected by the walls and military facilities existed before the year of 1530 where the Citadel stands today.  It is there where Bakar was mentioned as a “tough town” governed by the Frankopan dukes’ stewards who lived in castles. The Citadel is a structure which inspires and reveals a spirit of the past, adventures, war conflicts, glorious times, but as well as a spirit of culture, creativity, and literacy.    The Citadel carries in itself material and cultural layers, and for that reason it is a real, original, authentic witness of the past centuries of Bakar’s and Croatia’s history.