Bakar Tourist Board
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The Town’s Guard Bakar

The Town’s Guard Bakar is an organization that has acted in the area of Bakar since 2009, and it currently counts about 25 members representing a revived piece of rich history of the town of Bakar.  The Town’s Guard Bakar’s uniform is sewed in according to the sample of Jakov Tadejević uniform as shown on his portrait.  He was the duke of Bakar’s guard from 1848.  An emblem of The Town’s Guard Bakar is the historical emblem of Bakar, and it was established with the Statute of free and royal town Bakar, as approved by Bakar’s parliament on 3rd November, 1896. The Town’s Guard Bakar also represents the town of Bakar on its guest travels within the Republic of Croatia and abroad.  Also, in collaboration with the town of Bakar and its Touristic Organization, they are a part of the central manifestation of Margaret’s Summer- a historical maritime battle in Bakar.  With their presence, they make all festivities bigger in the town of Bakar.

Historical Background:
The Queen Mary Theresa donated on 23th April, 1779 to the town of Bakar a charter in which she portrayed Bakar as a free royal town, along with other privileges enjoyed by other royal towns in the Kingdom of Croatia and Hungary. One of this privileges or possibilities which actually had its basis in a near and far off past, and now formally and legally organized, is that in the town’s service, among the other officials, were also six of the town’s guards (Militia urbana) lead by the chief officer. The town guards’ duties included taking care of public peace and order, and in a time of the Capital Town Council’s meeting, they guarded in front of hall’s door where the meetings were held.  This lasted until 1918 and until the end of Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy and with establishment of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians.  During the revolutionary period in 1848, Bakar town’s guard, also called National Guard, played an important role in events that made Rijeka annex to former Croatia Proper. About 150 members of the Bakar’s National Guard joined the entrance to Rijeka lead by Josip Bunjevac, and as previously mentioned Rijeka joined former Croatia Proper.  The National Guard’s squad from Bakar was led by the attorney Avelin Ćepulić, who later showed in Croatia’s political life as a fighter against Hungarian arrival to the Croatian coast. In conclusion, we can state that the Town’s Guard’s tradition in Bakar, organized in numerous forms, has existed since the earliest time in the Croatian history on this territory, and is important to renew as a memorial to our ancestors and serves as a lesson to current generations.