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The Turkish House

Within the medieval walls of a town, near by the church of St. Andrija, at the biggest square in an old part of the town, “Plačici” is situated, one of the most known and for the visitors by all means the most attractive houses in Bakar-the Turkish house.  It is unknown who made it and when it was made, but it is assumed that it was built within the 14th and 15th century.  What is certain is that such a peculiar and exotic structure cannot be found anywhere near, so it seizes attention of many photographers and painters who often include it in their work, so that’s why it is often called “the house of painters.”

The uniqueness of the Turkish house comes from its oriental structure and its stylish features which are rare to find in this part of the world.  Nevertheless, the Turkish house has gracefully fit into the town’s coastal atmosphere.  Its shape reminds us of an old wooden house that has already grown as a part of the town’s surrounding, as well as two legends, the most beautiful national and literate treasure, about the beginnings of this unusual house without a “corner.”

According to one legend, the Turkish house was built by a coastal sailor who when arrived to Istanbul fell in love with a beautiful Turkish woman.  He brought her home to Bakar, and each time he would go on his trip, she felt lonely.  Thinking of how to lessen her homesickness, he built a house similar to the houses from her homeland, so that is how the Turkish house originated.

Another legend tells the story about a sailor from Bakar who had a spiteful, vicious wife who used to tell him that three out of four corners in the house belonged to her and only one to him.  With that, she wanted to show that she was in charged, a captain on land, actually at home.  After numerous years, the sailor from Bakar got fed up with her talking, so he invited some friends, and they levelled the house down.  In that same place they built a new house without any corners.