Ente turistico della citta di Bakar
Hrvatski English Ente turistico della citta di Bakar - Citta di Bakar Tourismusverband Der Stadt Bakar - German
A Walk through History

“A Walk through History” is an event created to promote old town center of Bakar and its cultural and historical monuments and rich history in an intriguing way. The event takes place on Saturday before the last weekend in June at the opening of “Margaretino leto” (Margaret’s Summer). Various organizations and individuals of the region present a part of rich history through presentations, workshops, tasting of products, exhibitions and music programs.

Visit Bakar and stroll through the old town. Learn a little about the rich history of the ancient town of Bakar.

Join us on a journey through history and get acquainted with the Frankopan Castle, the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle, the Crypt and catacombs, the Church of Holly Cross, the Bishop’s palace, the Roman and the Turkish house as well as with small squares and alleys of the ancient town of Bakar.

Guided sightseeing tours are organized at 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00 h, starting from the Castle (Kaštel) by the Banus gate (Banska vrata).

Experience Bakar in a different way by “walking” through the rich history of this ancient town!