Ente turistico della citta di Bakar
Hrvatski English Ente turistico della citta di Bakar - Citta di Bakar Tourismusverband Der Stadt Bakar - German
BIS Fest

The festival “Bakar and Serenades” was created and held for the first time in 2013. The main idea of the festival is to have local performers interpret songs which are in a different genre from their own. In fact, the festival performers who usually sing slow ballads are asked to perform a song of their own choice and a song of a completely different style which is chosen by the jury. When buying a ticket, each visitor is given a so called “whistle”. After each number, the audience blows the whistle and gives audio assessment of both the interpretation and the performance. The volume of the produced sound (noise) is then measured by a special device for noise recording and the display shows how successful a particular interpretation was (the so called “Applause-Meter”). Festival host is Mario Lipovšek Battifiaca who performs sketches during breaks and the revue part of the BIS Fest.